Buy SalesMate + Enterprise Edition
Evaluation version of the SalesMate + Enterprise Version will run for 60 days. After the evaluation period, the functionality of the software will get automatically reduced to starter edition. You need to Purchase ( Register ) the software to make it fully functional. Once you purchased the software we will send you the registration name and key which will make the SalesMate + software fully functional after the evaluation period.

Cost of the software is Rs. 14000 (220 USD). Purchase the software from the appropriate link below. If you are a Customer form India , then Click on the Bank Transfer Image link for easy purchase.

Registration fee includes 1 year Online Technical support through Internet, Telephone and E Mail.

If you have any specific requirement such as bulk volume license, then click  here  to Request a Quote.

By registering Enterprise Edition of KTS SalesMate +, you will receive free updates and bug fixes through Internet and E Mail. Also you can go through the support page of this web site to get help for the most of the frequently occurring problems.

KTS SalesMate + Starter Edition - :  Free

NB: Evaluation Version of SalesMate + Enterprise Edition will reduced to Starter Edition after the 60 day trial period . Starter edition will have reduced functionality compared to Enterprise edition. User can upgrade form Starter Edition to Enterprise edition at any point of time.

SalesMate + Edition Comparison

Enterprise Edition
Starter Edition
Setup Information
SalesMate + Enterprise Edition Evaluation Version Setup.

SalesMate + Enterprise Edition Evaluation Version Setup. The Enterprise edition will automatically get changed to Starter edition after the trial period of 60 days.

SalesMate + Functionalities
Full Menu Functionalities for the registered version of  SalesMate + Enterprise edition after the trial period.

Some of the Report Menu and POS Menu Functionalities will be disabled after the 60 day trial period of SalesMate + Enterprise Edition.

Online Support
Online Support will be given as per the business plan purchased.
No support.