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SalesMate + POS Software Development Kit (SDK)

In view of the fact that, the requirements for every software adds day by day and change from customer to customer, software needs to be designed in such a way that it can be easily extended to suit the needs of any customer or organization. This necessitates design architecture to be modular and plug-gable so that using Add-ons you can easily incorporate the additional requirements. SalesMate + achieves all these by its well thought about design of the software by providing you with powerful architectural framework for developing Add-ons and necessary software development interfaces and documentations. All these components are bundled in the SalesMate + Software Development kit (SDK).
SDK includes various plug-in wizards in VC++, VC#.NET and VB.NET which enables you to develop add-ons easily. SDK also includes sample projects in VC++, VC#. NET and VB.NET,  SDK Interface documentation and other binaries necessary for SalesMate + SDK development.
For more information about the SDK download the software development kit form the Download Page.